Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chloe Recovering From Saturday Surgery

Whew! Made it through another bump I think! I have started to breathe again, thank God! Yesterday Chloe showed signs of recovery that were positive and although meds and other things needed to be adjusted quite a bit the last few day, she is now doing well. The pain meds were backed off a bit by afternoon and she had had some awake time on and off throughout the day. I didn't get there until about 5:00 yesterday, Jen had taken the other kids to the Ronald McDonald House and when I walked in, there were Chloe's big eyes searching the room. What a beautiful sight that was! I got to hold her hand and sing to her a bit, but she had just been given some Ativan and soon drifted off back to sleep. She had some color and just looked so much better. We have been through some scary times with that little one and I really pray that this recovery goes smoothly from here on out! It is quite possible she could be held for a while again today, mommy needs that as much as Chloe! They will begin trying some feedings, very small, in the g-tube soon, and once she does well there the ventilator weaning trials will begin again. There is a lot still to do before she can go home, but we may be looking at 2-3 weeks. That will be a glorious a day. Pray that all the steps that lead to home come easily now. Jennie felt comfortable enough to leave last night and we spent some time getting she and l Lance new phones. We took Kadin only with us for some one on one time and actually fit in a few laughs. Every time that you enter Children's Hospital, you have to stop for a visitor pass. They scan your driver's license the first time so a new i.d can quickly be printed each time thereafter. It mostly shows up with the picture and your name in large letters. So, when I was taking care of phone contracts, the salesgirl asks for my i.d. I started to rifle through my disastrously messy purse for it, she looks up, sees my name tag, and says," Oh! You have it right THERE!" It was a very funny moment that had Jen and I laughing til tears came. Who EVER wants to wear their driver's license picture on their shirt for the world to see??? We needed that laugh so badly. Funny how you never know what's coming to lighten the load! It seems impossible that we have been at this for two months now, sometimes the days and nights seem to go on forever, but looking back, it seems like blur moving at warp speed! That was April, this is June, where did it go? Time seems to lose its relevancy, as do many other things, things I think a lot about these days, but will write about another day. Gotta go for now. Love and blessings to each one of you! Nancy

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