Monday, June 15, 2009

Chloe Heads to Surgery

JUNE 14, 2009

Chloe is in surgery this morning so add another layer to your layers of prayers. Ha! Whatever that means! Just trying to keep it light right now so I stay out of worry mode. She is finally well enough to have the g-tube placed into her tummy. I have never seen one so it is hard to explain. but it will allow her to be fed liquid directly into her stomach through a little tube with a button on the outside of her tummy. Jennie actually met someone at the zoo who had a son who had one! He took the time to explain it to her right there! Many angels have been placed in our paths since this journey began, that is FOR SURE! She also is having the esophagus and stomach attached at some point, to help that little muscle have a little more strength. There is some scar tissue that developed from the first intestinal surgery that docs are hoping to remove that hopefully will allow food to pass through better also. So, little Chloe continues to carry on, with all these prayers, how could she not? I can't even imagine how many people are praying. People say they will talk to their whole congregation about Chloe and the number grows and grows! So, I'll let you all know later how she is recovering. So far, this is quite an amazing story, I do believe that little Chloe is being guarded by legions of angels! Lovingly, Nancy
P.S Update on surgery as I write. Surgeons could not do procedures by laprascope because they found the liver is too large and Chloe had to be opened up. Sad development. Just complicates recovery hopefully. She has mostly been stable but has experienced a few bumps. I will keep you posted!

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