Friday, June 12, 2009

Chloe is Rallying!

June 11. 2009 Quick update tonight as many of you are concerned and asking about Chloe. The past two days have been much better, having made it through the three scary ones before that! Ventilator changes have been made a few times, and Chloe has stabilized a bit more again. Chloe also had begun to spit up much more of her food and just wasn't doing as well at all there either. Her color was very pale and my daughter was very scared ! After the breathing, infection, and feeding difficulties, it was all about wondering how much more Chloe could endure. She had to be taken off the feeding tube and be given the continuous feeding drip again, a backward step. So, today, an upper GI test was done, and it has been decided that her tummy has grown and she may be getting close to the g-tube placement. I hear this is very positive! The test did reveal that the possibility of the reflux causing the elevated respirations wasn't correct. It is thought that it is more likely those little holes in the heart. They will try to treat this with medication and see what happens. Success would be fantastic, as a heart surgery could be avoided! All in all, the roller coaster got fairly intense this week. Someone added a few unexpected dips and widened the curves! I truly believe, with all my heart, that these prayers, the love being sent my basically strangers, the words of encouragement and sharing of stories...they are ALL making a difference. Please keep them coming! Love to ALL! Nancy

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