Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chloe has Been Sick

June 2, 09 I added a couple of pictures, I thought I had a few more recent ones but couldn't find them and I am tired now. These were actually taken right before she got this latest infection and she did look pretty alert, as one of my friends commented. Unfortunately, we haven't seen her that alert for about a week now. A staff infection was found in the trach secretions, which they say is fairly common, and today the culture for the urinary tract infection came back positive. So, it was good that the broad spectrum antibiotics were started a few days ago and I believe that they may have begun a different one that will work more specifically on the UTI. She has been pretty sedated in order to allow her to use her calories more effectively, not just for all that hard breathing. She continues to be on the ventilator and really is no worse or no better as of this evening. I guess she is just in a holding pattern of sorts. She has gained some weight, and the night before last was at 7 pounds. This is certainly positive news. Jennie tells me tonight that it is anticipated that she will lose some again, as they are going to begin a medication to dry up the fluid that is being seen in her lungs, so we'll see how that goes. I know this report seems fairly cut and dried and that is because it is! The psychological drain has taken a bit of a toll the past few days, as we have watched Chloe struggle and remain much the same day to day. It is hard on the heart to imagine what she must be feeling, knowing that what is being done is the best that can be done for her...just not enough. So, I write facts. Keep praying. Chloe needs all of you. Lovingly, Nancy

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  1. I am a Reiki Master and I have been sending Chloe healing energy since I learned about her on Facebook. I wanted to share with you that Chloe has beautiful energy. Her energy is bright, open, clear and full of love. She has a beautiful soul and it shines through in her energy field. It was a privilege to connect with her energy.

    I will keep her on the list until you tell me otherwise. You can view the list at