Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chloe's Heart Catheter Test

July 1, 2009 Unfortunately, I don't have the best news and not much time to report but I know many of you were waiting for news just I was. The heart test did not give any answers that point to it being the cause of the difficulty with breathing. Simply put, that means no surgery or heart medication will fix the problem. So, the lungs looks to be the culprit, and Chloe is quite dependent on the ventilator for taking life sustaining breaths. Unless some miracle occurs, it looks like Chloe will stay in the hospital, on the ventilator, until she weighs enough to be sent home. Jen says they told her this would be months. She is quite devastated by this news... we all had hoped the heart could be fixed, the ventilator would go away soon and she would go home to sleep in her own cozy and quite lovely new nursery. So, there it is. We are all reeling a bit. I have to get to work, luckily there was a coffee shop with WiFi right across the street and a few spare moments to get this to you. Love to all, Nancy

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