Friday, July 10, 2009

Chloe Looks Good

July 10, 2009

I thought that I would give a short update, as you have all been so kind and supportive and have asked some questions. It's not after midnight, so I'm not in my best writing form! 

Chloe is much more stable today and seems to be responding to the antibiotics for the UTI and whatever caused her to have the bloody stools. I just am not sure if it was decided that the intestinal irritation was bacterial in nature or not. I know that many x-rays have been taken, watching for a perforation that might have been the cause and that does not seem to be the culprit. At any rate, she has not had any bloody diapers today and this is great progress. I would conclude from that news that the antibiotics are working.

The rest of the story is that as soon as possible, when Chloe is cleared of infection, she will have the heart surgery to close the two little holes. It is believed at this point that it just HAS to be the reason that the breathing is so irregular. Chloe is not growing and thriving as she should be and using so much of her energy to just breathe cannot help. As far as I know, it will be an open heart surgery.....this makes me very sad, as I experienced that with my mom when she was 79. They tell me babies recover much faster that the elderly. Let's hope this is true. Chloe is 'so fragile and so unique' as one doctor put it yesterday, it is scary to think of this surgery. From what I understand, in order to thrive, something must be done and this is the next step. There is no date, but you can be assured that I will pass it along as soon as I know. 

Emotions rise and fall here as the news fluctuates so much from day to day. Today is a better day. God willing, there will be many more ahead. Your prayers will certainly help in that. You are all so wonderful! Thank you for spreading the word and inviting your friends. We are almost to 2,000 people! That 10,000 goal may be within reach! Love and blessings to all, Nancy

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