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Latest Update 12/04/09

Dec. 4, 2009 HELP! In writing this on Facebook, I think I just lost EVERY UPDATE I have ever written! How? I have no idea! All of the posts are not here, but is there anyone who POSSIBLY has saved my info. and updates???? I cannot believe all of this written life journey may be gone! Please help if you can! Thanks, Nancy

It has been a while since my last update. The most beautiful part of that statement is that I have not felt an immediate need to write one, as so many of my posts in the past 7 1/2 months have been urgent, or a place for me to lighten the load of heavy thought I'd carried for a while. Today, I have only only good news to report, it isn't that I don't like reporting it, just that I don't have that NEED to ask for quick prayers! It is a bit unfair though to not keep you apprised of the happy times too and I will do better with that as time meanders along. You see, it is meandering a bit! Chloe is home and life is unfolding for the family more like it should have about seven months ago. The positives of the past few weeks are numerous! We were invited to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving and before Jen and Lance committed to joining us there, everyone had to be well and a certain level of confidence regarding taking Chloe out for the first time had to be assessed. As the day neared, all the checks were checked and Chloe and family arrived for Thanksgiving dinner with Nurse Jean in tow and we had an ESPECIALLY sweet day together giving thanks. Eating, laughing, loving, playing...all things normal and with a 'new' baby home too! The day felt just as normal as could be and there was not a moment of stress to be had regarding Chloe after all! On the whole, the experience of having the Warrior Princess out of the hospital has been delightful! Kadin, as might be expected from a three and a half year old, had a bit of difficulty adjusting to not being the baby anymore. It was just different for him going to the hospital each day than having to actually share his HOME with her! He is coming along and seems much more content already. Sierra is a trooper and very much a mommy's little helper, helping, loving-she delights in every moment of finally getting to be the big sister she was led to believe she would be. Picking out the cutest clothes, entertaining and holding her baby sister bring her great joy! And, speaking of joy! I wish each and every one of you could be around for just one day to experience the joy in Lance and Jennie. I have not seen my daughter so full of joy, let's see...EVER! My daughter was a born mother you see. Getting through this experience as a family, as hard as it is, has strengthened her marriage, allowed her to learn patience and to experience the grace of God. It taught her to believe in herself and her ability to shine through the dark times and to lean on others for strength when her own was running on empty. Due to these life lessons, getting her entire family home has created a very, very happy mommy and wife. Lance also is just a new man! Not carrying the weight of the world back and forth in a 120 mile round trip each day for months tends to lighten one's load quite a bit! The love he is able to show to his family when they are all in the same house is a beautiful thing to witness! He has worked as hard as Jennie in different ways...together they have endured a journey many of us would not have, this I know as fact! So, probably the most challenging part of having Chloe home is getting the nursing care straightened out. Chloe is supposed to have 24 hour round the clock nursing, which has not been the case due to difficulty in finding that many nurses to just BE there, and then finding nurses that fit the family. This was not entirely unexpected, but still came as quite a bit of a shock to me when, in the past week, two different nurses had to be let go. One for just not being a good fit for the family, the other for just not giving good care. One thing the past seven months taught us is what a GOOD level of care will never be an issue that it is NOT least not without a bit of a battle. Chloe is blessed to have some great nurses and Jennie feels comfortable enough with caring for Chloe that the times that there have not been a nurse have gone quite well. If it is the night shift it means a pretty rough day the following day because of no sleep, but they are adjusting. Hopefully, this will all settle out soon! Princess Chloe? Oh yes, I'm sure you have been drooling a bit waiting for me to get there! Sorry, I guess that is one reason to update more! Miss Chloe is ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD!! She has become a baby who smiles and smiles, who doesn't like to take naps for fear of missing something new and exciting, who waves bye-bye, who just yesterday signed, "Hi Mom," to her astounded mommy! She LOVES playing and cuddling with her brother and sister, sitting at the dinner table with the family and taking walks in the stroller in her very own neighborhood! She has her first tooth surfacing and has begun using her legs for bouncing and weight-bearing when placed in her Excer-saucer chair. Two days ago she helped her brother Kadin in a very exciting finger painting activity which ended with Chloe and the most adorable painted little face you can ever imagine. Non-toxic finger paint, specially made by Mommy helped this activity to be even more fun! She is quite the little charmer and is so relaxed and happy to be home that the ONLY time she experienced the drop in the oxygen level (desating) requiring her to be bagged, was the first night home when she was a bit out of her comfort zone! That was the one and only time, the frequency with it happening at the hospital was MUCH higher! It has just been delightful as can be seeing her when I can, and hearing all the wonderful things each day by phone! No one could EVER convince me that the times would be rolling along so well if God were not such a huge part of Chloe's life and all of yours...those of you who continue to pray every day, thank you! I cannot give enough praise throughout my day for everything that has brought us to this point. My own relationship with God has deepened, my family, friends and NEW friends mean the world to me and I know this journey shows me, each and every day, how inter-connected we all are! God bless each one of you and know how much you are loved by us! Til next time, Nancy

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