Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chloe Kicks Butt at Home! 12/10/09

Dec. 10th, 2009 No reappearance of Chloe's story, so you can visit to get most of the journal if you like. There were so many moments documented in our lives, positive emotions, fright filled days and weeks, hope, courage, faith and love, love and more love! I'm so sorry that it cannot just be continued here, but let's look at this as a new chapter in Chloe's life and maybe, just maybe a different chapter in a real book in my future someday! The weather here the past week has kept me from getting up to visit Chloe, but tomorrow I will be holding my youngest granddaughter in my arms once again! I will have pics posted over the weekend and a new update for sure! Our little warrior Princess has not failed to amaze and delight her family in any way since her homecoming! Beginning her life outside of the hospital has been the best thing ever developmentally for her! The sterile environment had certainly begun to stunt her physical development if being OUT of it is any indicator of that! Chloe is just blooming like a little spring flower held back by the winters lack of sun and warmth. Being enveloped in the warmth of family in her home surroundings has shown us the brightest little sunflower in the garden! Jennie just cannot stop talking about the continuous smiles on little Chloe's face, her alertness, her mental acuity, her complete happiness at being the center of attention in such a fun, fun place. HOME! I guess one of the most major developments is that Chloe is picking up signing, and even more importantly, the first consistent sign is, "Hi, Mom!". She will sign 'Mom' when she wants Jennie and you can just imagine how much this delights her mommy! Most babies do seem to say daddy first, so to get this 'win' is super sweet! (Those are MY words! Mine on behalf of all mommies! HA!) To know that Chloe is capable of communicating in this way is really a big deal and Jen also feels that she is hearing quite a lot. For anyone new to the group, Chloe does not have external ears, but does have the inner ear canals. Many of the photos that you see here have her wearing a pretty big bow, which actually holds a hearing aid. The experts at Children's Hospital believe that she is hearing, it is not known exactly what or the quality of the sound at this point. Sometime down the road, after all of the surgeries to build the jaw and open an airway, this issue will be addressed more. Cosmetic ears can be fashioned from rib or hip bone grafts and the little ears that began their development on her cheeks can be cosmetically dealt with also. Of course, the jaw work is most important, as Chloe cannot breathe without the trach or ventilator at this point. One step at a time, one day at a time! I feel that is enough for now. It is late and I know I will have lots to say this weekend! So, thanks for hanging around as I make this writing transition! Your love, prayers and encouragement are needed as much now as ever! Chloe's road will be a long one, but having made it this far, we know that God has HUGE plans for our little one! Just look at how so many of us have had our faith strengthened and our lives enriched by strangers! We have made so many new friends. God bless you, each and every one! Nancy

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