Tuesday, November 17, 2009


November 16th, 2009 Late Night Oh my goodness! In four days, Chloe will be seven months old! Unbelievable, isn't it, that on that birth day of my youngest grandchild, our prayers held anguish and fear and maybe just a bit of distrust! Today, almost seven months later, as Chloe finally made her way HOME, our prayers held thankfulness and blessings and unending hope! I truly can speak only for myself, and in that, have to admit that there have been times when I wondered if this day were even possible. I have questioned medical opinion and diagnosis, treatment and attitudes as much as I have watched in awe and wonder as doctors made decisions about diagnosis and treatment and moved forward with the calm and confidence seemingly reserved for specialists in the medical field. We have been blessed with best of the best, I believe, at Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado. There have been so very many things about Chloe that were not understood by even the experts. Whatever one would expect, Chloe would tend to do the opposite of and adjustments continued to be made in accordance with Chloe's body and God's will. Just as one problem disappeared, another would surface and our hearts rode a roller coaster of crazy, crazy emotions! When Chloe was born, we were still experiencing winter here. She continued to be hospitalized through spring, summer, fall and now it is once again winter! So, in the' winter of our discontent' a child was born and tested and in the winter of a different calendar month our hopes have been renewed and faith restored! For Chloe, the day started out as most others of late I suppose. Mommy, Daddy, Sierra and Kadin arrived and got to the business of bathing and dressing and playing. Yet, even Chloe MUST have felt a difference in the air, an excitement, a feeling of something very wonderful to come! "There was a buzz about the room that was a bit unusual and soon Grandma arrived with even more giddiness in her demeanor than usual. Sure enough, doctors and therapists and friends stopped by to send well wishes and Daddy kept leaving with bag after bag of things from the room! Soon, a new lady and man arrived and when they said they were from Home Health Respiratory we all started picking up the pace! and before I knew it, all of my equipment was loaded onto my special stroller. I was wearing a new hat and some really cute new pants and purple shoes! My Grandpa arrived and then, just like in a parade we all briskly left my room and hurried down the hall. Grandma and Grandpa were taking lots and lots of pictures and everyone seemed so HAPPY! As we traveled down the elevator and throughout he hospital, the excitement just seemed to build, and then...it was all just too much for me so I grabbed my cozy and silky car seat toy and put myself right to sleep!" And that is exactly how it happened! Chloe was carefully placed into the van, with the Respiratory Therapist checking and double checking that all was well with the ventilator for the over 60 mile ride home. It was pretty chilly outside and there was no dilly dallying getting that family into travel mode. Before we knew it, we were hugging, then waving good-bye! Jennie, Lance and Chloe were in the van, with the respiratory duo following close behind in a different van, just in case! I left with Sierra and Kadin to return to my house, Grandpa went back to work and Chloe and family had completed the seven month long run at the hospital. There were no incidences to report on the drive home and there have been no problems all evening long! Jennie reports that Chloe seemed to KNOW that she was in a good place at home, it only took a few minutes for me to get a picture message with a pic of Chloe on the living room floor, leaning on a bright red pillow with a great, big, beautiful grin on her face! Jen says that she really loves her bed and is quite fond of the silky edge on the new little blankie in her bed which has been waiting quite some time to warm that little baby! I guess after her first nap she awoke with a bit of a start, not recognizing her surroundings and needed quite a bit of comforting in order to settle back down. Those will be some of the challenges I suppose, but I am POSITIVE that it won't be long until the only thing she is doing is thriving in these most wonderful new surroundings! Many medical people were there to greet her today, there is much to set up when you have the responsibility of caring for a baby on life support. I'm sure it was a busy place and things will be a bit calmer in the morning when I take Sierra and Kadin home to their little sister. Chloe's great-grandmother will go along to 'get her hands on her' also! So, this day is done! Tomorrow, day two of this new chapter in the life of a Warrior Princess. I will continue to keep you updated and hope that you will continue to pray for this family each day. This really is just a new start, Chloe's medical problems remain. Thanks be to God for his love and care for Chloe and this family...and for each one of you. We couldn't have done this and remained intact without either one of you! Love, Nancy

November 16th Morning Chloe's BIG Day! Going HOME!!

Remember when you or someone you knew had a baby? Remember that feeling, after a day or two when you proudly walked out of the hospital and took your new baby home to the safety and comfort of your home? Well multiply that excitement about 200 times and you will have a pretty good idea about how we are all feeling today, as Chloe is preparing to be strolled out of The Children's Hospital and FINALLY taken to her still new, bright and shiny nursery in Ft. Collins. This is a HUGE day. God's hand has brought us to this point, with the love and encouragement of literally thousands of people! The road ahead will be a long one, but today is a brand new one and we can ALL give thanks that it has finally arrived! I will send pictures documenting the day tonight, until then, be happy...and know that we are walking with our feet a few feet above the ground! Love, Nancy

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