Thursday, October 8, 2009

Preparations to Go HOME!!!!

Oct. 7, 2009 Sometimes when I sit down here to write these updates and look at the date of the last one I am no less than astounded at how much time has passed! I know that I posted pictures a few days ago but had no idea it had been a week since I'd updated! Life is hectic and more than a little chaotic lately and my time for writing seems less and less. I apologize. If you are on my Friends page, you probably get a few more snippets of information, so if you'd like to do that feel free to send me a request and I'll get you on the page. Chloe, our little Warrior Princess, is forging ahead! There have been a few incidents with her breathing since the ventilator switch, but I guess this is to expected. It is better to know the glitches before she heads home than after, for sure! She is growing and warding off any of the viruses or bacteria that have plagued her in the past and the plan for discharge is moving full speed ahead! Monday is the day for moving to the floor which will help to transition her home. When the conversation began in ernest about discharge, the day was set for the 16th of October! There are many tests that her very proud and happy parents must pass in order to walk her out the door, but they are both up to the task and rarin' to go! Today some time was spent with the respiratory therapist taking apart and putting back together the ventilator, tomorrow they will practice other situations that they need to be prepared for, such a s bagging Chloe if need be in any sort of emergency situation. This is nothing all of us haven't seen and feel we could do, but under pressure and possibly alone at home would make it more necessary to have it just be more of a typical maneuver. (If it could ever be considered that I suppose!) Much of the things that parents have to learn before these babies can go home, Jennie and Lance have being doing for months now! This includes changing out the trach tube, suctioning her airways several times a day, bathing her and making sure no water gets into the trach tube, doing much of the care themselves! I believe that Jennie feels that it has gone unnoticed by some of the staff how much she already knows and does. This has frustrated her a bit, but Chloe knows! When she is there beside Chloe all day long, she is already confident enough to take care of most of her needs throughout the day. Being ahead of the curve here is all important, because it could get Chloe home even faster. Many, many parents have never experienced a baby with Chloe's complications (actually, staff either!) and when they are in the hospital, they allow the staff to take more of the responsibility, or may not put in the hours that we have all diligently made made part of our lives. Therefore, when they get the go ahead that discharge is on the horizon, there is much to do. I do not believe this is the case with this family. Jennie and Lance are both very bright and I'm not sure I have ever met a more observant person than my daughter! Since she was two years old she has been developing that skill and rarely does anything escape her! Lance seems much the same and they are both ready to take on the new adventure of welcoming their little princess to her home! So, we will see when the actual date occurs, but don't be surprised if it is sooner than later! As they are tested on their knowledge, thay will be spending more time at the hospital and that means less time with siblings Kadin and Sierra. This will be difficult on everyone, but the little ones are no longer allowed on the unit because flu season has arrived. I will help as much as possible, as well as Jen's friends and family that we have nearer to Ft. Collins. Family time will certainly be disrupted but just temporarily, and in the end...a brand new intact family will reside in one home in Ft. Collins! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! It seems impossible that Chloe is almost six months old! The ups and downs, the fears and cheers, the bended knees, the tears, the smiles, the dread, the anticipation, the encouragement, the new friends and family and relationships forged, the enlightenment, the disillusion, the healing, the sickness, the love, the loss of ones counted on, the feeling in the gut when the right thing isn't being done and the feeling in the heart when it all goes! What a trip it has been. To get Miss Chloe out of those hospital doors and into her own home and the loving arms of her family will be the first completed leg of this all important journey. The following chapters will take on lives of their own, as this story will continue for years to come. But now, this moment, all is good. We are grateful for each and every prayer sent by each and every one of you. Can you even begin to imagine the numbers? 3,200+ people just here, speaking and praying on Chloe's behalf who knows how many times in a day, congregations all over the globe adding their voices, friends of friends learning the story and sending their best wishes and prayers. All of these things have kept Chloe ALIVE and have kept all of us SANE and prepared to go the next mile, or ten or ten thousand. Please keep it all coming! There are big days still to get through and now we need her to stay healthier than ever and be ready to rock and roll into the real world! My updates will come as we get closer! Thank you, everyone, for all you do!!! Love to all with my greatest feelings of gratitude!!! Nancy

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  1. Nancy, Jennie and Lance,
    I am so thrilled to hear little Miss Chloe will be coming home soon!! Such a long awaited day and it's really going to happen. I am eager to finally meet her in person, whenever the time is right. Unfortunately I know you will have to really limit your visitors at home with Flu season being here, but whenever you are ready let us know and we will come visit! In the meantime I will keep up with her progress on the blog and Facebook. Faith just turned 3 years old, but I can remember so well the prep and tests we had to go through too before we could bring her home. With Chloe having been in the hospital for so much longer than Faith you have had lots more time to prepare so I know you are more than ready now! Please call me anytime you need anything, a ear to rant to, questions about all the next steps with home therapy, nursing care etc, etc. I'm ready to help out any way I can.
    Best wishes,
    Robin, Fred, Anthony & Faith