Monday, October 12, 2009

Chloe Leaves the NICU!

Oct. 12, 2009 Day 1! Chloe has just spent her first day ever out of the NICU! Yes, yes, yes! April 20th to October 12th...seems like this day would never come, but it HAS! Jennie arrived early at the hospital this morning with great anticipation, not knowing exactly when she would rise up and out of the unit but knowing it would be THIS GREAT DAY! I think it was about 2:00 this afternoon and one of our favorite primary nurses, Jenny, was there to make the trip with them. They really do think of every aspect of a child's life at this hospital and noted how important it was for Chloe to have a familiar nurse for a while in her unfamiliar surroundings. New nurses were also waiting in anticipation to meet Chloe and it all happened without a hitch. So, it has been a very successful day and Jen reports that Chloe didn't really seem to notice much being different! As these days of transitioning get rolling, she will certainly experience many new things! They will now be able to move her about the unit, take her outside, will have to take her for a little car ride and lots of other things that get absolutely taken for granted when you don't have a sick baby! Jennie and Lance will basically be doing all of her care just as they will be expected to do when they really, really, really go HOME! They have been watching and learning for a good many months now and although there must be a bit of trepidation, they are mostly feeling excited, competent and ready to go! Chloe has been such an amazing little warrior, hasn't she? I know that we have all been scared to breathe at times because of the seriousness of issues and the seeming inability to go just a few days without a new problem surfacing. Now, the feeling is just different, entirely different. Chloe threw off that last virus and headed into the home ventilator trial with the opinion that it was time to show everyone what she could DO! Although it was felt it might be too early, that maybe she was still too small, the Warrior Princess never stumbled in this attempt to make her way home. Things changed when school started for Sierra. The kids weren't there so much, then on Oct. 1st, the unit got closed to siblings visiting because of the flu threat. I believe in the depths of my heart that she heard all of our voices in unison encouraging her to be well enough to go home to her family, because her family would have less time with her. With God, all things truly are possible. This child, this very, very special baby has brought so many new and beautiful people into our lives. The journey really does begin with a few steps and having this tremendous amount of support in prayer and good wishes has often pushed us past and through the hardest parts. Now, with continued prayers for success and the love of so many wonderful people, we need to celebrate this moment together! Chloe's release date is dependent on how soon Jen and Lance get signed off on a list of must know things, it could be as early as next Tuesday or may be a bit longer. I know you will all keep your prayers in priority status, as this is just as critical a moment in their lives as any up to this point. I love this family, the courage and fortitude blow me away! Thank you all for the help along the way. I am very busy with many responsibilities these days and unable to write quite as much, but will absolutely keep you all updated as much as possible! God bless you all! Nancy

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