Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chloe Surgery Tomorrow, June 24th- Untethering the Spinal Cord

June 23, 2010- Eve of Untethering of Spinal Cord Surgery Little Warrior Princess. Miracle. Inspiration. Angel. Grandma's Chloe Bug. I write this update especially for you, Chloe. This evening your mommy and daddy dropped off Sierra and Kadin at my house and we had a few minutes to chat and play before you headed to Denver to prepare for your surgery tomorrow. Playing with you in the car made Grandma especially happy, because your smiles just did not stop. Having taught you how to high five in the first place, watching you pick up and continue the high FOOT five was very silly and remarkable! Your dexterity with your feet, the amusement they have brought you over time, has never escaped me. I adored the way you lifted that chubby little foot into the air to meet my hand. I enjoyed it even more to watch the sparkle in your eyes, the mischievious grin, knowing that you had impressed me with your quick wit! It was difficult to watch you leave, knowing that I will be watching and entertaining your brother and sister as you spend a few days in the hospital. This is the longest stay for you since you left Children's Hospital right before Thanksgiving last year, after spending a full seven months there! I want to remind you of the intense and utter joy we all felt as you were placed in the van and driven home! You have made so many friends, you have people praying and sending healing energy to you from all over the world! I know that I will blow your mind someday when you are older when I share this journal with you, the constant outpouring of love and support that you garner just by being the tough little cookie that you are. A better baby would be hard to find. You have endured and gracefully dealt with each and every painful procedure and obstacle placed in your way. I absolutely cannot say that I have ever come across anyone in my lifetime with such fortitude with a super positive attitude to match it! I love you so deeply, you make the world around us all a better place. You remind us all that life is tough, that some are different, but that everyone is a bright and shining light in God's eyes. None of us any better than another of us. Some of in particular...just seem to bring out the best in the rest of us. Thank you Chloe! I look so forward to giving you your first Grandma Grandma hug and cuddle in a day or two! You are my hero!

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