Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a quick Update 9/28/09

Well, never make a plan! That would be my other mantra! HA! Just thought I'd send a quick note to let you know that the scheduled trial for today was postponed until tomorrow. Sierra actually got sick and Jennie did not have daycare and stayed with her today. Docs agreed to put off the new trial until tomorrow, Sierra is better tonight and all is still well. Jennie is determined to be there for Chloe, and although it was a disappointed, we all know the others need their mommy too! Jen will be coming into a stressful time after Wednesday though. The hospital policy will not allow the kids into the room beginning Oct. 1st because of the flu during the winter season. This will be rough, as Kadin often stays with her in Chloe's room during the day while Sierra goes to school. The daycare center is extremely strict in their acceptance of the kids at Children's. It has been hard any time Chloe has any kind of virus as she is then considered to be in isolation and the other kids are not allowed in daycare. Understandable, but it really complicates an already complicated situation! We will make it work! So, prayers for Sierra to heal completely and for the rest of their family to not get sick! Nothing can stop Chloe now! Love to all, Nancy

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