Monday, May 18, 2009

Praying for Newborn Baby Chloe

I Am Baby Chloe

Chloe was born on April 20th by cesarean section after a very difficult pregnancy. She made it to her 37th week of gestation, surprised her parents and required a Flight for Life ride from Ft. Collins CO to Denver in order to be delivered by the team who could ensure a safe birth. Chloe was born with tremendously difficult abnormalities. She has facial abnormalities that are likened to a syndrome called Treacher Collins, yet it is not that. The severely underdeveloped jaw bones made it impossible for her to breathe without a tracheotomy and when she was taken to surgery for that procedure, many complications were found in her intestines. A planned feeding tube in the stomach was not placed because of her small tummy. She had intestines wrapped around the pancreas and a blockage that was fixed. Since then, she has not made much progress that points toward a feeding tube soon. She has excessive gastric secretions that are being dealt with through a tube in her nose. She is a very, very ill newborn. She may or may not be hearing and with the facial deformities, many other problems. Her parents were expecting some problems, but nothing of this magnitude. They are in shock as is the entire family. We all feel so helpless and my daughter is so absolutely devastated. Finances are scarce, and a huge blessing is The Ronald McDonald House three blocks from the hospital where the family can stay. They also have a 3 and 5 year old, who are in the midst of huge changes going on about them on a daily basis. We are asking for the prayers of anyone we can reach, for the strength and understanding to face this crisis. We do not know God's plan in this, but do have strong faith and hope that with the heavens being flooded with prayer, we will all feel his grace and love and be guided as to how to function through this. This baby is so sweet and this is just so sad.


  1. This is my first time here. Chloe is a beautiful baby.I know it is a struggle for her and you...but you are right Chloe is in God's plan. Draw your strength from God. He is there in the mist of all. I am so Bless by your faith, and I know God is also. And Chloe feels your faith and love.
    Love and Blessing to Chloe and you

  2. Thanks for following our story. I just actually found where comments are! I'm a tad slow on the tech stuff for sure! Nancy